Castle Gate Wood Entry Doors

Nothing beats the richness of wood; its splendor and natural beauty bring elegance and warmth to any home. CNC machining along with mortise and tenon construction ensure a quality fit and finish for your Castle Gate Wood Entry Door Series. Door panels are available in 1 ¾” solid wood panels or engineered wood stile and the rails in Mahogany, Cherry and Oak that are ready to stain once you choose from our multiple stain colour choices.

No matter what species you select, each piece of wood is carefully examined and constructed to ensure it will live up to the reputation Window City has for high quality products. For superior structural integrity we use Window City’s all uPVC welded and aluminum reinforced frame system which includes a sill with full aluminum reinforcement.

Wood Door Panels Available in White Oak or Mahogany Panels

Wood Entry Doors - Castle Gate Series

Wood Entry Doors – Castle Gate Series