Hung Windows

Hung Windows

Hung Windows are a traditional style of window found in many homes where the bottom sash slides up to open the window and the top sash is fixed. The sash also tilts in to permit easy exterior cleaning from the inside plus it comes with an easily removable half screen.

Hung windows are a classic architectural window style, popular in colonial houses, farm houses and other traditional style homes. However, hung windows continue to be one of the most popular window styles of today.

Single-hung window cost less and are far more common, especially in older homes and buildings, than double-hung windows, although they are harder to clean and maintain. The amount of space between the lower panel and the bottom frame limits the ventilation control offered by single-hung windows.

Single-hung and double-hung windows are the most common types of windows used in housing and commercial buildings. Single-hung windows, which cost less, are more common, particularly in older construction, but they are harder to clean. Double-hung windows allow for greater ventilation flexibility and are easier to clean; however, they cost more to install and repair.

“Hung” here refers to a window’s sash(es) — i.e., the glass panels of a window. While it is common to think the sash refers to the movable panel of a window, both single-hung and double-hung windows have two sashes (panels). Confusion stems from the fact that a single sash is movable in a single-hung window, while both sashes are movable in a double-hung window.

What are Window & Door Energy Star Performance Ratings?

The Energy Star™ program was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help identify energy-efficient choices for your home. The Energy Star™ seal is only granted to products that demonstrate significant reduction in energy consumption in the home. The majority of Window City windows and doors meet or exceed U.S. and Canadian regulations to be considered Energy Star™ compliant. Window City is also an Energy Star™ Partner


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